What are the pros and cons of a four day week?

Four day weeks should be implemented

Four day weeks can help companies survive and save jobs

Covid has caused widespread economic disruption, causing a dip in profits, leading to job losses. A four day week may save companies from having to take such drastic measures to survive.

Four day weeks are healthier

Increasing amounts of research suggest that working longer hours has adverse health impacts, such as fatigue, poor productivity, and decreased morale and job satisfaction. Four day weeks may create a better work-life balance, improving the health of the workforce.

Four day weeks increase productivity

Companies who have adopted four day working weeks have found employees are less stressed and upto 40% more productive when working a four day week. It is averred that the additional day off allows the employee to feel more refreshed when returning.

Four day weeks should not be implemented

Four day weeks could cause employees to overwork

Four day weeks can cause a dip in customer satisfaction levels

Four day working weeks have the potential to cause customer dissatisfaction depending on the industry it is adapted in. Particularly for small businesses who cannot afford to hire staff to cover each other, issues of customer demand versus availability arise.
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