What are the pros and cons of police wearing body cameras?

Police body cameras can eliminate issues of hearsay between parties when others are not present at the time of an incident. There are, however, concerns about their reliability, how these cameras are used, what impact they have on police officers' health, issues of privacy and how much they assist.

Police cameras are beneficial

Police cameras are beneficial as they promote transparency, accountability, and serve to deter law enforcement officials in acting irrationally. They also heal community relationships.

Police cameras would promote transparency and accountability

The availability of police cameras will record contemporaneous footage of any incident, providing better transparency and accountability for police actions.

Police cameras would deter police from acting irrationally

In the wake of the George Floyd murder, police cameras can play a significant part in deterring law enforcement officials from acting in excess of their powers.

Police cameras promote community and law enforcement relationships

Police cameras may seek to promote the relationship between the community and law enforcement officials, leading to a decrease in complaints against the police.

Police cameras can protect BOTH the officer or the civilian

Oftentimes, officers simply defending themselves are left to the court of public opinion. While footage clearly helps in cases of police wrongdoing, footage can also come to their defense when they are doing right.

Police cameras are not beneficial

Police cameras are not beneficial as they make individuals susceptible to breaches of privacy, may negatively impact on policing, and, where badly managed or withheld, it does not serve the function it was created for.

Police cameras are susceptible to breaching an individual's privacy and confidentiality

Police cameras are at risk of infringing upon an individual's right to privacy and confidentiality.

Police cameras negatively affect an officer's performance

A police officer's performance can be negatively affected with a body camera.

Police footage may be unhelpful if badly managed.

Police cameras are only as effective as they are managed. If footage is capable of being reviewed and edited, or withheld from relevant parties, this may be counterproductive to the aims of their provision.
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