What is the best book in The Hunger Games trilogy?

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is an iconic example of dystopian fiction. Having sold over 65 million copies, the trilogy is undeniably popular among young adult readers. So, which installment of the series is the best?

The Hunger Games

The trilogy's first novel popularized the series. It gives readers their first glimpse into the districts, the Capitol, and the horrors of the traditions surrounding the annual Hunger Games. It foreshadows the change that fuels the entire series.

The Hunger Games popularized the entire series.

The first book of the trilogy sets an unforgettable tone for the rest of the Hunger Games series. From the first reaping to the introduction of Katniss, the book is full of the most memorable moments in the entire series.

Catching Fire

The second installment of the series builds upon the fictional world way beyond the first or third novels. It dives into the elaborate traditions surrounding the Hunger Games and the Capitol. The reader meets characters that are pivotal to the series through the setting of the Quarter Quell.

Catching Fire builds upon the world of Panem.

This installment of the series dives beyond the original plot of The Hunger Games, keeping readers on their toes for twists and turns. It is the most captivating book of the trilogy by building suspense beyond the Hunger Games and introducing new characters.


The final book in the Hunger Games series is set apart from the first and second novels. It delves into the revolution that has been building up since the first book. The novel showcases immense character development as Katniss becomes the face of the revolution.

Mockingjay is the climax of the entire series.

While The Hunger Games and Catching Fire set the beginning stages of an uprising, all of the tension and battles unfold in Mockingjay. The other two books are merely set ups in comparison to Mockingjay.
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