What is Libertarianism?

Libertarianism champions individual liberty, advocating minimal government intervention in personal and economic affairs. It emphasizes free-market capitalism, private property rights, and voluntary association.

Libertarianism prioritizes individual freedom

Libertarianism emphasizes personal autonomy, advocating for individual rights above all else. It supports minimal state intervention in personal and economic matters.

Libertarianism promotes free-market capitalism

It argues that a free and unregulated market is the most efficient way to distribute resources and services, leading to wealth creation and innovation.

Libertarian support for Drug Legalisation is dangerous

Libertarians believe recreational drugs should be legalized, so a person has the liberty to choose what they do with their own body. But drug abuse undermines individual freedom.

Libertarianism advocates for a limited government

Believing in the smallest government necessary, libertarianism sees a limited government role strictly in protecting individual rights, property, and ensuring national defense.

Libertarianism means liberty

Libertarianism supports the theory that society can be transformed by limiting government intervention. With human freedom at the heart of the movement, Libertarians would like to move towards a self-governed society free of coercion.

Libertarianism supports civil liberties

It champions personal freedoms, including freedom of speech, expression, and the right to privacy, opposing any form of censorship or surveillance.

Libertarianism stresses voluntary association

All interactions, including those in the market and personal relationships, should be conducted voluntarily without government coercion.

Libertarianism values property rights

Property rights are seen as a fundamental aspect of individual freedom and a necessary condition for a prosperous society.

Libertarianism calls for a non-interventionist foreign policy

Advocating for peace and trade over war and sanctions, it promotes non-intervention in the internal affairs of other nations.

Libertarianism emphasizes self-ownership

Individuals own their bodies and labor, and they should have the authority to make decisions about them without interference.
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