What is the purpose of life?

An age old question, that drives so much human energy to explore and understand. From religion, to work, to family, to friends, to pleasure, to exploration, to discovery, to ambition... much of our lives are spent in search of a meaning for life itself. Is there a reason behind our being?

The purpose of life is survival

"Survival of the fittest" is a common phrase in the biology field. If humans are not intent on their survival, they will go extinct. Similar to other species, humans eat, drink, and avoid danger their entire lives to stay alive. People spend their days making sure they survive to live another day; that is the sole purpose of life.

Evolution is a conquest of survival

All life forms on earth have had to evolve and modify their DNA in order to survive, a fact which is indicative of the desire of life to sustain itself. Therefore, the purpose of life is more primal, and species are entirely concerned about ensuring they remain competitive in the ecosystem.

All life forms desire perservation

An important distinction between living and non-living organisms is the ability for the living to respond to changing environments.

The purpose of life is procreation

Procreation has been the driving force between human interactions for centuries. If people did not procreate, they would not exist. Therefore, the purpose of life is to procreate and continue giving life to future generations.

Procreation is a defined property of life

Without procreation, a species cannot continue living. Procreation is so important, that it is defined as one of the characteristics of life. As a result, procreation is the purpose of life.

Procreation is a positive impact on society

Some may consider the purpose of life is to better society, but the act of leaving progeny has a positive impact on society. We have a duty to better humanity and having children is a means to achieve that.

Historically, women's lives are most valuable when they can produce children

Some societies consider that human life is most valuable when they can produce offspring. These communities would claim that procreation is the purpose of life.

There is no purpose to life

Life exists in indifference to any human interpretation of its purpose. For centuries, there have been attempts to explain the objectives of existence, but none have been successful or have been reduced to infinite regressions. Any proposed meanings to life are superficial, arbitrary, or temporary.

Death is inevitable

Everything is temporary, including our happiness, our lives, and the lives of our offspring. Therefore, life has no ultimate purpose as nothing we create will last.

We cannot be certain of anything in life

Skeptic philosophers believe that no knowledge is certain. Therefore, any goal we strive towards may not be real and is ultimately purposeless.

The universe is indifferent

Life has no ultimate meaning or purpose, it just exists.

The purpose of life is happiness

Humans are capable of profound understandings of life and purpose. Philosophers and laymen alike believe the sole purpose of life is to live well and in happiness. A eudaemonic life, to reference Aristotle, is lived by simply flourishing in one's own means of virtue, goodness, and justice.

The purpose of life is to do good

Making others happy and reducing suffering should be the main priorities of human life.

The purpose of life is the pursuit of pleasure

Our actions are not directly linked to their biological purpose. Usually, we eat, drink, and have sex for pleasure rather than for survival and procreation. Therefore, life's ultimate purpose is to fulfil these desires.

The purpose of life is to be tested by God

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