What will be President Donald Trump's legacy?

The curtain has fallen on the Trump presidency, albeit with an encore in the form of a second impeachment. The nation's Capitol still bears the scars of an open rebellion, the public is still struggling in the midst of a pandemic that some countries have brought under control, and American democracy has been tested in ways previously unimaginable in times of peace. Any one of these failures would be enough to define a president's legacy, but Trump has all of them and more. When all is said and done, what will President Trump's legacy be?

The double impeachment

Donald Trump will go down in history as the first president to ever be impeached twice.

Nixon is known for Watergate

Watergate is President Nixon's lasting legacy. His impeachment over the scandal dominates the narrative of his time in office. Trump will likely suffer a similar historical fate.

Abdication of America's global leadership

Under Trump's "America First" policy, he withdrew from international agreements and institutions, reversing and unravelling decades of US engagement with the international community.

"Fake News"

Never before has a presidential administration so brazenly altered facts and propagated misinformation to portray themselves in a favourable light.

Stacking the courts

Trump's judicial appointments will shape the American judicial system for the next two to three decades.

"Nobody has been tougher on China than me"

Trump put the rise of China under the microscope and will forever be remembered as the president that took an adversarial view of the second-largest economy.
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