Will Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer make the better Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer's personalities and styles of management could not be more different. Their politics are miles apart. So who will make the better prime minister?

Boris Johnson will make a better Prime Minister

Boris Johnson is charismatic

Boris Johnson's physical appearance and behaviour are unique and engaging. He is the most charismatic politician in Britain today. At a time of global turmoil and real division in Britain, he is perceived as charming and is able to bring the public round to his cause.

Boris Johnson is tough on crime

Boris Johnson has pledged to get tough on crime. As Mayor of London, he oversaw a 20% drop in the capital's crime rate. As Prime Minister, he has appointed a Home Secretary, Priti Patel, with a draconian approach to crime - "I want criminals to feel terror", she told the BBC in 2019.

Boris Johnson supports the provision of affordable homes

Boris Johnson has announced a new housing scheme which will scrap much building regulation and will offer a 30% discount for first time buyers to boost the housing economy.

Boris Johnson will get Brexit done

Boris Johnson supported Brexit for the Referendum, fronted its successful campaign, has rallied the British public behind him and has packed his cabinet with Brexiters. Getting Brexit Done was his election pledge and he will bring us out of Europe on positive terms.

Boris Johnson is a social progressive

Johnson is an economic conservative and a nationalist while being tolerant and inclusive. He was an early supporter of same sex marriage, has pledged to increase diversity participation in the cabinet, and created a 50% target for women and minority conservative candidates across the party.

Boris Johnson will limit immigration

Johnson has committed to lowering immigration numbers, particularly of cheap, low-skilled labour. In February 2020, the government committed to a points-based immigration system, prioritising the higher-paid and more valuable immigration that benefits the British economy.

Keir Starmer will make a better Prime Minister

Keir Starmer will defeat identity politics

The last few years have seen identity politics - around race, gender and religion - explode across the British political scene, stoked by Johnson. Starmer is a unifying figure whose politics focus on economics, injustice and social inclusion.

Keir Starmer is professional and measured

Keir Starmer is a QC - measured, forensic professional in Parliament as in public. Unlike Johnson who likened Muslim women to 'letterboxes' and has written of 'watermelon smiles', Starmer would bring gravitas and professionalism back to the office of Prime Minister.

Keir Starmer caters to both leavers and remainers on the Brexit issue

Keir Starmer has demonstrated political agility in navigating through the extremely polarizing Brexit issue. He has not allowed this issue to alienate people on either side.

Keir Starmer is succeeding in detoxifying the Labour brand

Keir Starmer fought against anti-semitism in the Labour Party, refusing to diminish its prevalence and toxicity. Starmer's deep commitment to minority rights makes him the best candidate to lead a multi-ethnic, multi-faith country.

Keir Starmer wants to tackle inequality and injustice

Keir Starmer opposed the Conservative Party's cuts to corporation tax. Starmer also wants to increase tax on the top 5% of earners. He has also advocated 'national wellbeing indicators' to track the UK's progress on tackling inequality.

Keir Starmer has a better track record on human rights

Keir Starmer, has a long track record as a human rights defence attorney. He has a track record of defending the Human Rights Act from Conservative proposals to repeal it.
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