Who is the best Tottenham Hotspur manager of all time?

Bill Nicholson is the best Tottenham manager of all time

Bill Nicholson managed Tottenham between 1958 and 1974.

Bill Nicholson built the best Tottenham team of all time

Bill Nicholson was unrivalled in his ability to spot talent. He signed many of the club's best players, including Dave Mackay, Pat Jennings, and Jimmy Greaves,

Bill Nicholson spent his entire career at Tottenham

Nicholson started as a youth player in 1936, before making 314 appearances when he joined the official team. When he retired from playing, he refused to manage any team other than Tottenham. His dedication to Tottenham was second to none.

Tottenham achieved its greatest successes under Bill Nicholson

Under Nicholson, Tottenham won the FA Cup twice, the UEFA Cup, and League Cups more than under any other manager.

Bill Nicholson guided the team to an English football record

Tottenham achieved thirty one league wins in a single year under Bill Nicholson, which remains an English record to this day.

Bill Nicholson was a technical innovator

Bill Nicholson championed principles of respect and authenticity in the sport. And instilled these values in his players.

Arthur Rowe is the best Tottenham manager of all time

Arthur Rowe managed Tottenham between 1949 to 1955, when health problems forced him to step down.

Arthur Rowe led Tottenham to back-to-back league victories

Under Arthur Rowe, Spurs won the first and second division in consecutive seasons. In this, they became the first team ever to do so.

Arthur Rowe invented the one-two style of play

While Tottenham manager, Rowe invented the push-and-run style of play, which involved laying the ball off to a teammate and running past the marking tackler to collect the return pass.

Harry Redknapp is the best Tottenham manager of all time

Harry Redknapp managed Tottenham between 2008 and 2012 and turned the club's fortunes around.

Harry Redknapp turned Tottenham's fortunes around

When Harry Redknapp took over managing the team, Spurs were at the bottom of the league. He turned the club's fortunes around.

Harry Redknapp guided Tottenham to the Champions League for the first time in years

Jose Mourinho is the best Tottenham manager of all time

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has managed the team since 2019.

Jose Mourinho has kept the team competitive during the coronavirus pandemic

Martin Jol is the best Tottenham manager of all time

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