Who is responsible for the Holocaust?

Across German-occupied Europe, Nazi German collaborators proved successful in their destruction of two-thirds of European Jewry: systematically murdering six million Jews and five million non-Jews. But, who is truly culpable for this mass murder of eleven million people?

Hitler was singlehandedly responsible for the Holocaust

Hitler is the true mastermind behind the Holocaust. Without him, plans for the mass execution of both Jews and non-Jews would have never come to fruition.

Hitler was liable for the unfolding of the Holocaust

Evidence demonstrates that Hitler envisioned the extermination of European Jews as early as 1918. Thus, it was only through Hitler's coming to power that his own infamous plans could be implemented.

Hitler and his henchmen were culpable for the events of the Holocaust

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Hitler and his henchmen were responsible

Hitler could not have singlehandedly carried out the Holocaust. It was a huge bureaucratic and logistical task that required planning and instigation that was carried out by many top Nazi Party officials.

Everyone contributed to the Holocaust

If the government and the citizenry kept one another in check, plans for the Holocaust would have been effectively halted. Yet, neither party voiced concern. Thus, mass murder continued.

Citizens, as well as Governments (both foreign and local), were responsible for the Holocaust

The Holocaust would not have been possible without Hitler, the authority of the government playing towards a "final solution," and the consent and collaboration of Nazi German citizenry.

Only Nazi German citizens bore responsibility for the Holocaust

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Nazi German Citizens were responsible for the Holocaust

Nazi German citizens were instrumental in bringing Hitler to power. There is also evidence that knowledge of the camps was widespread and yet there was little resistance to the unfolding of the Holocaust by citizens of Nazi Germany.
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