Why do white evangelical Christians support Donald Trump?

In the 2016 US election, white evangelical Christians resoundingly voted for Donald Trump and were critical in his Presidential victory. Despite much of Trump's behaviour seen as an affront to "traditional values", 81% of evangelicals turned out to vote for him. Why?

Evangelicals do not support Donald Trump

Evangelical Christians are increasingly turning away from Donald Trump, and can no longer be relied upon for electoral support.

Polls indicate that evangelical Christians are losing their trust in Donald Trump

In 2016, Donald Trump received the lion's share of the evangelical Christian vote. However, recent data suggests that this trend is turning and will not be the case for the 2020 election.

Evangelicals see Trump's behavior as an affront to traditional values

Donald Trump stands against the core values of the conservative Church.

White evangelicals back Trump because he privileges them in policy decisions

As Rachel Laser, president and CEO of Americans United, notes: Trump "confers privilege in exchange for constant loyalty at the ballot box, no matter what he does.” His stance on many key policy areas now reflects that of the Evangelical Christian lobby.

Donald Trump supports the evangelical stance on reproductive rights

Donald Trump has called Roe v Wade into question in a show of support for the evangelical stance against abortion.

Donald Trump supports the evangelical stance on LGBTQ+ rights

Donald Trump's government has systematically dismantled many existing rights for LGBTQ+ US citizens.

Donald Trump's America First policy speaks to evangelical Christians

Donald Trump's rallying cry - Make America Great Again - resonates with the evangelical Christian lobby.

Donald Trump appeals to evangelical social insecurities

According to University of East Anglia Professor Emma Long, "Trump hears [evangelical] fears, takes them seriously, and responds."

Donald Trump exploits evangelical Christians' anxieties

American society has evolved to a point where Christian values are no longer at the heart of American identity, leading to anxiety amongst evangelical Christians. Donald Trump exploits this anxiety for personal gain.
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