Will polar bears become extinct in the future?

Polar bears live in Antarctica and artic regions. Their fur coats keep them warm in these frigid areas. This means they can only function in those areas. But their habitat is threatened by global warming. Global warming is melting the glaciers and ice plains, minimizing the amount of territory polar bears and their prey’s territory. At this rate, will polar bears be extinct in the future?

Yes, polar bears will become extinct in the future

Polar bears are very sensitive organisms. They can only survive in artic regions of the world like Antarctica. As time passes by, they are in danger of becoming extinct.

Global warming is melting the polar bear's habitat, making it hard to survive

Global warming is a problem that is affecting the environment. Polar bears are currently suffering the most from it. The prey they eat and the amount of ice they need to migrate is diminishing.

The polar bear's prey is waning due to habitat loss caused by climate change

Habitat loss is an issue for all different types of organisms. It is especially true for polar bears. Climate change is causing the ice and snow they live on to melt. As their ice habitat wanes, so does their ability to find prey.

No, polar bears will not become extinct in the future

Polar bears are a well-known animal that are commo representatives of artic regions. Recently, there is a belief that polar bears are in danger of becoming extinct soon. However, with the right plan, polar bears won’t be lost to time.

Society still has the time and resources to conserve polar bear population

Polar bears are in danger of becoming extinct. Their habitat is beginning to melt, diminishing housing space and hunting grounds. However, if humans can stop the negative changes in time, the polar bears won’t be at risk anymore.

Polar bears will evolve to the changes in their habitat like they did before

Polar bears evolved from brown bears to withstand cold and freezing temperatures. Climate change is threatening to diminish the polar bear population by 2100. However, the polar bears could adapt like they did before.
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