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Have emojis changed the world?
No, the impact of emojis is exaggerated.
Emojis are a byproduct of the Digital Revolution's efficiency
In this day and age, efficiency is seemingly valued above all else. The emoji came about as a quick means to expressing oneself emotionally through text messaging. It enhances digital conversation, but is only a byproduct of rapidly-evolving communication technology.
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How do we think about the George Floyd murder?
Society creates the nation: George Floyd's murder exposes America’s deepening social cleavages
The George Floyd protests are an opportunity for peaceful revolution
While people disagree over the root of these riots, and the focus of current anger, we can agree on one thing. This is a pivotal moment for the citizens' voices to be heard. To have reached this point, there is clearly something wrong with the relationship between the state and those it governs. Now is the time to channel our beliefs and our dreams for a more equal society into a peaceful protest. Greater coherence and organisation is needed; and the violence must end if it is to be taken seriously. The moment for long-awaited change is finally here. Proponents include Professor Cornell West.
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