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Can white people in the USA be victims of racism?
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Affirmative action is anti-white racism in action

Affirmative action - a system that favours non-whites across College admissions, company boards, "diversity" initiatives and many more facets of public life - is blatantly racist. It is a type of reverse racism that has no place in our society. Of course, we should acknowledge historical wrongs. But, there is no justifiable basis to move on from discrimination by introducing a new form, in which another racial group (whites) face prejudice. For example, it is absurd that young people today, who have grown up into a society that recognises racism and actively works to dismantle prejudice, are having opportunities made unavailable to them by virtue of their skin colour.

The Argument

Affirmative Action is a set of procedures meant to end illegal discrimination, prevent future discrimination, and remedy the effects of prior discrimination.[1] However, this is done by benefiting minorities, and putting non-minorities at a disadvantage.[2] Affirmative action is applied on a scale to be relative to how disadvantaged a group was or is. [3] The weaker end of said scale discriminates weakly against so-called new minorities, mainly young white males, and the stronger end of the spectrum, discriminates strongly. [4]

Counter arguments

Affirmative Action can not be racist against white people. While White people may not be the direct beneficiaries of Affirmative Action programs, this is because they do not need to be. The reason we need Affirmative action in the first place is to allow equal opportunity to everyone. White people do not need to benefit from special programs to have an equal opportunity relative to people of color, because they are the majority in both population and leadership positions therefore are not discriminated against.[5]



Rejecting the premises


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