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Can white people in the USA be victims of racism?
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Anti-black "racism" is eugenic truth. Anti-white racism is not.

Blacks have faced historical discrimination because they deserve it. One cannot argue with the facts: proportionately, they commit more crimes, put back less into the economy, breed danger in their neighbourhoods and have much lower standards of education than whites. These are not opinions - they are facts. When we talk about "white-on-black racism" we are really talking about ripping off the band aid of political correctness, and seeing the realities of racial difference that exist across the world. And yet, racism against whites persists. Proponents include the Ku Klux Klan, white pride organisations and white supremacists.
Discriminatory Misleading Offensive

The Argument

FBI statistics clearly demonstrate that black people are more likely to commit and be involved in crimes, and complaints that this is due to white privilege are just an attempt to ignore the facts.[1] Studies have been done that demonstrate how black people are predisposed to aggressive and violent behavior, so clearly they’re not made to function in civilized society by way of their genetic makeup.[2] Even IQ tests show that there are fewer intelligent black people as a whole than there are white people.[3] Anthropology studies have shown that black people are born with more narrow hips than white people, and this is due to the fact that white women give birth to babies with larger brains than blacks.[4] These biological differences are based in fact, and when also taking into account the incredible amount of innovations and contributions that white people have made to the world, it is obvious that black people don’t deserve to be treated equally because they are not equal.

Counter arguments

Every modern, credible peer-reviewed scientific study about the genetic differences between races has never once proven that one race is “inferior” to another. New scientific research has shown that human ancestry and DNA are far more complex and overlapping, meaning there is no “pure” race at all. This actively flies in the face of any attempt at eugenic justification for racism.[5] Most scientific studies used to support this argument are studies that have not been cited nor are they even close to widely accepted among the scientific community, and cherrypicking data cuts the argument’s credibility off at the knees. For example, the MAOA gene was found to be present among black men in the sample study (58 percent to be exact). But it was also found in 61 percent of Taiwanese males, and a significant number of Chinese, Maori, and European males.[6] People can believe that there is factual evidence to support that black people are inferior, but all of the credible scientific research will continue to show that it is objectively not true.



Rejecting the premises


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