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Is drinking alcohol healthy?
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Alcohol is healthy because it promotes happiness and social connection

Alcohol helps improve mood and social interaction. Alcohol helps trigger the release of endorphins and makes people happy. The behavior of drinking alcohol can establish and maintain social relationships in a positive way.
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The Argument

Alcohol triggers the endorphin system, the body’s reward system that provides us happiness and gives us a good-natured mood. When drinking, the release of endorphins causes a happy mood and promotes social bonding. Alcohol has been shown to improve mood and deepen and increase connection in social settings. A happy mood and social connections are critical to a person’s well being, and have been shown to have positive effects on mental and physical health.

Counter arguments

-Alcohol often makes people’s moods worse, not better. -There are other, healthier ways to promote social bonding.


P[1] Alcohol promotes happiness and social connection. P[2] Happiness and social connection improve health.

Rejecting the premises


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