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Is drinking alcohol healthy?
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Alcohol is healthy because it can reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

Alcohol can have positive effects on insulin regulation and protect from type II diabetes.
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The Argument

Type II diabetes is a disease in which the body has difficulty regulating its glucose (sugar) levels. Alcohol has been found to increase adiponectin levels, which is a hormone that improves insulin sensitivity. Insulin is what your body uses to regulate glucose levels, so moderate alcohol consumption can help decrease the chances of type II diabetes.

Counter arguments

-This has only been observed from correlational studies, not proven in experiments. -The health drawbacks of alcohol outweigh the lowered chance for type II diabetes.


P[1] Type II diabetes is caused by incorrect insulin activity. P[2] Alcohol can improve insulin activity. P[3] Alcohol can reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

Rejecting the premises


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