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Is Paul McCartney dead?
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The Beatles died on November 6, 1966

Yoko Ono caused the Beatles' death by stealing Lennon away from the band. Although the 'Paul is dead' idea remains a conspiracy theory, the Beatles metaphorically died in November 1966 when Lennon met Ono, and their tight relationship would draw Lennon away from the group.
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The Argument

Although ‘Paul is Dead’ seems to be an, albeit tenacious, conspiracy theory, the day when Paul McCartney ‘died’ was the day John Lennon met Yoko Ono in November 1966, which many fans have described as the 'death' of the Beatles. John was more interested in being with her than the three band mates. Her disruptive influence in the Apple studios, despite wives and girlfriends usually not being present during recording sessions, has been cited as a reason why there was a growing dissatisfaction within the band.[1] The four men had a strong bond, so the addition of Ono damaged the chemistry within the group, as John was often distracted by her. Yoko Ono went out of her way to be unlikeable to the fellow bandmates, and she was possessive of John in such a way that isolated him from his friends and family. This isolation would inevitably result in John wanting to leave the group. Many fans believe Ono wanted Lennon all to herself, and was eager to return to her home in New York, so she did everything she could to turn him away from The Beatles, which she succeeded in doing. Therefore, Paul’s death was not a tragic car accident that was covered up by an elaborate scheme, but the metaphorical death of his band, The Beatles, after Yoko Ono isolated John Lennon.

Counter arguments

The Beatles did not break up because of Yoko Ono. After Brian Epstein’s death, each member began to pursue independent artistic agendas. They tried to collaborate, but with each of them moving into different directions, it became difficult to work on a cohesive sound that they could all agree on. Tensions were building between members, and arguments were more frequent. Therefore, the breakup was inevitable. Also, Paul Mccartney has even defended Ono by suggesting that she was not the reason for the breakup. When asked about his relationship with Ono, he responded, ‘She certainly didn’t break the group up. I don’t think you can blame her for anything’.[2]


[P1] The Beatles died when John Lennon met Yoko Ono in November, 1966. Their relationship would alienate the rest of the band members, and lead to the break up of The Beatles. [P2] The Beatles, by this logic, did die on November 6, 1966.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The cause of the breakup was due to tensions and a lack of unity within the band, it had nothing to do with Yoko Ono. Paul McCartney has even defended Ono by stating that the breakup had nothing to do with her.


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