Is Paul McCartney dead?

Rumours that Paul McCartney died on 9 November 1966 in a car crash and was secretly replaced by a lookalike have persisted for 50 years. Is Paul really still around? Or has he been replaced by Billy Shears?

Yes, Paul is dead

Paul McCartney has been replaced with a lookalike in order to maintain The Beatles' success.

Who is Billy Shears?

We can point exactly to who replaced Paul McCartney - Billy Shears.

Those surrounding Paul covered up his death

Paul McCartney died in a tragic car accident, and, to spare the public from grief, the remaining Beatles replaced him with the winner of a McCartney look-alike-winner, in order to cover up the musician's death.

The remaining Beatles left many clues

Affected by grief and guilt, the remaining Beatles left multiple cryptic clues in their music and album artwork to hint at the truth of what had happened.

Fifty years on and the rumour has not been disproved

If the story is untrue, why has it persisted and more people believe it now than ever?

No, Paul McCartney is not dead

Paul McCartney can't be dead - he is playing Glastonbury in 2020!

‘Paul is dead’ is one of the most persistent hoaxes

The 'Paul is dead' theory has managed to persist for many years, despite no evidence it is true.

The rumour was cultivated by the Beatles or their label

The Beatles themselves, including Paul, their record label, producer and manager started the rumour.

The hoax arose at a prime time for conspiracy theories

The Beatles have metaphorically died

The Beatles did metaphorically die that day - it was the day John Lennon met Yoko Ono

The Beatles died on November 6, 1966

Yoko Ono caused the Beatles' death by stealing Lennon away from the band. Although the 'Paul is dead' idea remains a conspiracy theory, the Beatles metaphorically died in November 1966 when Lennon met Ono, and their tight relationship would draw Lennon away from the group.
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