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Should there be a test to vote?
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A voting test is likely to be biased so it should not be used

Biases are always present in people’s lives. Because of that, should people have a bias while voting?
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The Argument

Voting tests won’t reduce the amount of biased voters. Everyone has biases. Children grow up around parents and a community that shapes what they believe.[1] Even a baby's brain picks up on social cues from their guardians.[2] Biases can’t be avoided, so there’s no point to having voting tests.

Counter arguments

Even though everyone has a bias, people can put it aside to make important decisions. Since, other people won’t be willing to do that, it’s important to get as many unbiased people voting as possible.



[P1] Tests won’t reduce bias. [P2] Everyone is biased somehow.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Although everyone has some sort of bias, it can be “put away” to make important decisions.


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