Should there be a test to vote?

Voting is an important aspect of political decisions. It decides the outcome of a country for better or for worse. If voting is so important, should there be tests to make sure people know exactly what they're voting for? Or do the civilians of the country have no problem deciding what's best?

Yes, there should be tests for voting

There should be voting tests. It’ll help people think more seriously about who they’re going to vote for. Ultimately, it’ll be great for the country.

A test for voting reduces political bias

Everyone has biased opinions. If people were unbiased when they voted, there could be better political leaders.

A test for voting lets more mature people vote

Maturity is attributed to wisdom and knowledge. Maturity helps companies run better, make peace in society, and improves lives. Voting tests would attract more mature voters for the sake of a better country.

A voting test ensures people know how politics works

It’s very important to understand how the government works. The government has been rooted in laws and traditions that have been in place for centuries. If someone knew how the government operated, they could appoint people who would best run the country.

No, there shouldn't be a test to vote

Tests to vote aren’t necessary. They take up too much time and effort from the voters. Plus, excluding voters who don’t pass the test will be discrimination. It’s not worth the effort and cost.

A test for voting violates a civilian’s right to vote

Civilians have a right to say how they want to be governed. In the past, people have been kept from voting because of their race by using tests against them. If there are tests now, people could become offended.

Tests aren’t always accurate so there should not be a test to vote

Tests are used to test people’s knowledge and skill. But they are also under scrutiny. People wonder if it’s fair to use standardized testing because it’s a fixed system. If there were tests for voting, how accurate would they be?

A voting test is likely to be biased so it should not be used

Biases are always present in people’s lives. Because of that, should people have a bias while voting?
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