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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the coronavirus pandemic?
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Joe Biden will effectively implement a vaccine when it is produced

Joe Biden will strengthen the American public’s faith in a vaccine through his own trust in vaccines and scientists as a rule.

The Argument

Biden has promised to develop a more detailed plan for vaccine distribution before assuming office, and has already laid out what it would cover. It includes a detailed timeline for when people would get the vaccine, a clear delineation of which populations would be prioritised, the specific means for shipping and storing the vaccines at appropriate temperatures, and which government agencies would be responsible for implementing that plan. Joe Biden will also strengthen the American public’s faith in a vaccine. During his presidential campaign, he has emphasised that while he does not trust Trump himself, he does trust vaccines and scientists as a rule. As President, Biden would empower scientists and make them the face of a vaccine push for America. By implementing a partnership with the World Health Organisation (WHO), Biden would be at the forefront of innovation for the COVAX programme and has committed to supporting vaccine research.

Counter arguments

Joe Biden exaggerated when he accused the Trump administration of not having a plan,[1] therefore he may not be the only one who can effectively implement a vaccine for coronavirus when it is developed. Hours before Biden made this claim, the Trump administration announced its most detailed plan to date regarding how it will distribute vaccines.[2] For example, the plan shows that the federal government aims to make the two-dose vaccine free of cost.



Rejecting the premises


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