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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the coronavirus pandemic?
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Donald Trump took early action to ban travel from China

At the outset, the Trump administration stopped travel from China to stem the spread to the United States for as long as possible.
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The Argument

Donald Trump took swift action to reduce travel from China in January and enhanced airport screenings to stop people with coronavirus from entering the United States for as long as possible. In his State of the Union address on 4th February 2020, Trump pledged to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the virus."

Counter arguments

The China travel restriction drove travelers from China to instead enter the United States via Europe instead, leading to a spike in cases of coronavirus in the United States. The Associated Press reported that more than 8,000 Chinese and foreign nationals based in those territories entered America in the first three months after Trump's travel restrictions were imposed.[1] More than 27,000 Americans returned from mainland China in the first month after the restrictions came into place. Yet US officials lost track of more than 1,600 of them who were supposed to be monitored for virus exposure, leading to outbreaks in the spread of the virus.[2]


Rejecting the premises


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