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Should LGBTQ+ vote for Trump or Biden?
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Biden will collect hate crime data

Hate Crime and other necessary data on LGBTQ+ demographics are necessary to protect marginalized groups.


The federal government needs complete and accurate data regarding LGBTQ+ individuals in the United States to identify challenges they are facing and direct adequate resources to the right places and people. Historically, data on the LGBTQ+ community have been scarce because national surveys have not included questions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Argument

Biden will: Ensure questions about sexual orientation and gender identity are included in national surveys and data collection efforts. Biden will ensure that federal agencies and relevant federal programs, including the decennial Census, American Community Survey, and Current Population Survey, obtain accurate data, while vigorously enforcing appropriate privacy protections. Direct agencies to improve the collection of other demographic information, including race, ethnicity, and disability status. This data collection will ensure that subgroups of the LGBTQ+ community have their needs identified and addressed, among many other benefits. Address gaps in data collection and research with respect to LGBTQ+ health. Biden will work to address gaps in data collection and research with respect to LBGTQ+ health identified in the Institute of Medicine report, “The Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People: Building a Foundation for Better Understanding.”[1]

Counter arguments

"Biden’s actual record, spanning over 40 years in Washington, instead shows a politician who spent his entire career attacking gay people and the LGBT community. From his persistent opposition to gay marriage, to continued support for regimes that murder homosexuals, and even suggesting gay people might be “security risks” as federal employees, Biden’s open support for LGBT rights arrived very late, even among Democrats, and well after great advances toward LGBT equality had already been made."



Rejecting the premises


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