Should LGBTQ+ vote for Trump or Biden?

Historically in the United States, LGBTQ+ people have had limited rights, including infingements on access to marriage equality and protection from discrimination. Both presidential candidates have made campaign promises to the LGBTQ+ community - but who will best uphold their rights?

LQBTQ+ people should vote for Joe Biden.

Biden will protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination

Biden has made many campaign promises to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

Biden will support LGBTQ+ youth

Biden promises in his campaign to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ youth.

Biden will protect LGBTQ+ people from violence

Biden recognizes the unique threat of violence against LGBTQ+ individuals.

Biden will expand healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals

Biden will ensure equitable healthcare protections for Americans regardless of their identity.

Biden will protect LGBTQ+ people in the Criminal Justice System

LGBTQ+ people face undue violence and discrimination in the Criminal Justice System.

Biden will collect hate crime data

Hate Crime and other necessary data on LGBTQ+ demographics are necessary to protect marginalized groups.

Biden will advance global LGBTQ+ rights

Homosexuality is illegal in 73 countries, and punishable by death in some of them. Biden will work to legalize being LGBTQ+ abroad.

LGBTQ+ people should vote for Donald Trump.

Trump will combat HIV/AIDS

The Trump Administration has been heavily invested in ending the AIDS epidemic and helping members of the LGBTQ+ community to overcome struggles with HIV/AIDS by providing necessary treatment.

Trump will end the international criminalization of homosexuality

Homosexuality is illegal in 73 countries. The Trump Administration will seek to make it legal across the world through diplomatic efforts.

Trump supported LGBTQ rights before being elected president

Trump has a long track record of supporting LGBTQ rights before he even considered running for president.
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