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Will Joe Biden ban fracking?
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Biden won't ban fracking - it would harm the economy and reduce job numbers

Despite a few campaign blunders, Biden will not ban fracking, as clarified on numerous occasions. The natural gas and oil industry are key to the US economy and the renewable energy industry does not offer a fraction of the jobs -- statistics prove.


The Biden administration may restrict natural gas and oil development according to their website, but both Biden and Harris have assured Americans that a ban will not be implemented. The economic ramifications would be too great, and there aren't enough other energy sources.

The Argument

Biden will not ban fracking because numbers show that it would kill the US job market. Renewable energy is not cost-effective, nor will it account for the missing oil jobs for American workers. Additionally, Joe Biden knows that risking oil and gas could tank the US economy.

Counter arguments

Renewable energy is a thriving industry and as innovations continue, more jobs will need filled.



Rejecting the premises


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