Will Joe Biden ban fracking?

Joe Biden had a wavering stance on fracking prior to his election. He said that he would ban it, but reversed his stance in the debate. Many still wonder what will happen with this policy and worry about its environmental impacts. Let's break it down.

Yes, Biden will ban fracking

On the campaign trail, Biden told a voter “I want you to just take a look … I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuel.” In March, he said “No more, no new fracking.”

The radical left will push Biden to ban fracking

Biden will lose control in the environmental sector once he takes office. The radical left has already pushed him to employ the Green New Deal, and Kamala Harris has made her anti-fracking stance abundantly clear.

Biden's initial rhetoric on fracking was true, and he only reversed to ensure a win.

No, Joe Biden will not ban fracking

While he is not "Pro-Fracking," Joe Biden has iterated that he will absolutely not ban fracking in its entirety. Mitigating does not equate to banning.

Biden won't ban fracking - it would harm the economy and reduce job numbers

Despite a few campaign blunders, Biden will not ban fracking, as clarified on numerous occasions. The natural gas and oil industry are key to the US economy and the renewable energy industry does not offer a fraction of the jobs -- statistics prove.

Banning fracking would alienate rust-belt voting blocks in 2024, and Biden knows that

Fracking is a key voting issue, particularly in states with bustling energy industries, such as Pennsylvania. Biden won't risk losing support of a swing state.
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