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Is BLM (Black Lives Matter) good or bad?
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BLM pushes back against white supremacy

In response to a growing trend in white supremacy and racism, the Black Lives Matter organization pushes back in the form of organized protests in an effort to protect both the safety and livelihood of black people.

The Argument

The Black Lives Matter organization works towards creating a safe community for Black Americans. With white supremacy and racism becoming a growing trend in American society, the BLM organization organizes protests to confront these trends in an attempt to accost them. The protests organized by BLM center on addressing America's history of racism and violence. [1] Boiled down, the movement seeks to bring about changes to the country’s ideological landscape, reckoning with ideas tethered to white supremacy and racism. An example of the United States' perpetuation of white supremacy is seen in the words of Steve King, the Representative of Iowa in Congress. As of August 1st, 2020, the congressman defended past remarks concerning white supremacy, saying that there were merits in understanding white supremacism. He further added that not changing the language surrounding this discourse was an assault on Western Civilization. [2] Statements like those made by Representative King are the kind of dispositions that the BLM organization actively resists. If these dispositions are allowed to thrive, one can make the case that the validity the Representative lends to the idea by supporting it can lead to increased violence and discomfort faced by Black Americans. Thus, BLM is good because they fight against the prevalence of potentially harmful statements like those made by Representative King.

Counter arguments

Contrary to what some might believe the Black Lives Matter organization stands for, their aims might not be as simple as creating a safe community for Black Americans. Some believe that other goals the organization might have include fighting climate change, eliminating the wage gap, and disrupting the Western prescribed nuclear family structure. In response to a slight decline in support regarding these statements, the BLM organization removed these goals from their website. [3] One can make the case that these changes are in some form telling. The circumstances regarding the goals' removal are unclear, calling into question what the organization's motives are.



Rejecting the premises


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