Is BLM (Black Lives Matter) good or bad?

BLM the organization has seen countless donations in order to fight police brutality and has made a huge splash on America during a time of distress. Although they have brought a lot of recognition to the issue, they have come under extreme scrutiny for things their leaders have said, the damage that they have caused to communities, and the lack of involvement in Chicago.

The BLM organization are good

They bring invaluable attention to the issue that blacks aren't being treated correctly

The BLM organization is good, it promotes peaceful protests to get the voices of minorities heard.

The BLM organisation is good. It encourages people to engage on community level to get involved and peacefully protest for ethnic minority rights.

BLM pushes back against white supremacy

In response to a growing trend in white supremacy and racism, the Black Lives Matter organization pushes back in the form of organized protests in an effort to protect both the safety and livelihood of black people.

BLM creates a forum for people to unite against racism

The BLM organization serves as a creative space for American citizens to strategize constructive ways to combat racism in the United States, and at the same time, raise awareness.

The BLM organization are bad

The damage they have caused and lives lost because of them in communities is not worth it because the goal is to help not hurt

BLM is a neo-Marxist terrorist organization

The BLM organisation is founded on a Marxist ideology which is anti-capitalist, and consequently anti-American. This ideology is the driving force behind the pro-Black narrative that they disseminate and the acts of violence and terror that protesters carry out in the name of racial equality.

The BLM organization has had mixed results

The organization has both helped and harmed
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