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Is ADHD real?
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Causes of ADHD are unknown

Though several theories surround the causes of ADHD, the exact cause it still unknown. The suspected causes include genetics, the environment, or problems with the central nervous system during early stages of development. Until we are sure about the real causes of ADHD, it is unsafe to say whether or not ADHD actually exists.

The Argument

ADHD is one of the most common brain disorders among Americans, and though highly researched, the causes of ADHD are still unknown. The legitimacy of ADHD as a real condition requires further study. A combination of factors are potentially responsible for ADHD. Studies suggest that it is genetic since ADHD tends to run in families, while others suggest it is a matter of brain anatomy and function. Lower levels of activity in certain parts of the brain could be the cause, as well as head injuries in some cases. [1] Environmental factors are also suggested to be a cause of ADHD since children growing up in poverty are two times more likely to develop ADHD at an early age. P renatal exposures, such as alcohol and nicotine, may increase the risk of ADHD. [2] Many factors may be the cause of ADHD, but no one is entirely sure. Until the causes of ADHD are well known, identifying the disorder as a real condition is irresponsible.

Counter arguments

There are several mental disorders aside from ADHD that have unknown causes. A majority of mental disorders have unknown reasons. The causes of clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even schizophrenia are all unknown. If one is to dismiss ADHD for this reason alone, then they would ignore all mental illnesses and conditions.[3] Just like ADHD, the causes of the previously mentioned disorders could be from a variety of different factors. These factors include genetics, environmental factors, brain function, and prenatal exposures, and even brain injury. There are numerous medical mysteries, but when a majority of the population is experiencing the symptoms, how can people assume they are not real? Research on ADHD continues today as a significant amount of the community is diagnosed with the disorder. With three million people diagnosed each year, denying the existence of ADHD because of its unknown origins would be ineffectual.



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