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What are the positions on Global Warming?
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All life deserves equal consideration in the fight against climate change

Humans are but one component in a living environmental system. We must restructure our values and lives to consider the preservation of all living beings.
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The Argument

Deep ecology supports the idea that all life is inherently valuable. It rejects the concept of human's as the pinnacle of the Earth, instead suggesting that we are simply one species in a rich, diverse environment. Our role to play, unlike the controller and exploiter of the planet that we are now, is simply to be one with nature and partake in a shared collection with the animals and plants around us. Deep ecology believes that diversity of life is a wonderful thing and that the industrial world as of now disrespects that principle. [1] Deep ecologists support returning to a way of life that is simple and in touch with nature. It states that we should do away with the current industry and technology, and draw on indigenous or aboriginal practices to utilize and respect nature acting as simply one part of the rich global environment.

Counter arguments

Technology has made our quality of life better, and even if it hurts the environment, we are gifted with superiority and position in nature above other species that we should utilize for our own benefit. It is simply not practical or needed to live so connected with nature.



Every species on Earth is inherently equal and valuable; diversity should be promoted above all else.


[P1] All species on Earth are equal and valuable. [P2] We as humans are no better than any animals or plants. [P3] Modern-day society utilizes natural resources for human's sole benefit. [P4] We should reject modern society and return to living simply in nature.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Humans are more technologically advanced than any other species, so we are more superior.

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