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What are the positions on Global Warming?
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The benefits of fossil fuels offset their negative impact on the climate

Human progress goes hand in hand with increases in energy consumption; this can be seen in areas such as sanitation. Therefore the net benefit of using hydrocarbons is positive.


As humankind has advanced through the ages and developed new technologies, we have learned to utilize the Earth's resources in new ways. A huge technological advancement was the ability to use fossil fuels buried in the ground, which today power much of our society's technological achievements.

The Argument

Fossil fuels play a critical role in our society. Fossil fuels may or may not be damaging to the environment; however the technological innovation they incur is worth the cost. Fossil fuels power our cars, homes, computers and more. They are integral to the production of plastics, medicines, and most everything we use. Though they might have environmental impacts, the benefits of the technology that carbon based production gives us far outweighs the costs, and is an important step in the technological advancement of the human race. [1]

Counter arguments

As nice as life is using fossil fuels, our planetary environment is more important. We can't enjoy the fruits of technological innovation if we don't have a planet to live on, and the health of the Earth must come above all else. There are other, sustainable ways to accomplish the same things that carbon based fuels do.



Technological innovation and its benefits to the modern lifestyle should be valued above the environment.


[P1] Fossil fuels are critical to our modern lifestyle. [P2] Our modern lifestyle is more important than the environment. [P3] Fossil fuels are worth their impact on the environment.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Other, less harmful resources can replace the uses of fossil fuels. [Rejecting P2] The Earth's health is most important.


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