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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for criminal justice?
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Donald Trump has a poor record on criminal justice

Trump has called for an expansion of the death penalty, and has refused to apologise for calling for the Central Park Five to face the death penalty. He is rash and reckless on criminal justice issues.
Donald Trump

The Argument

Before entering politics, Trump made several concerning interventions on criminal justice issues. In 1989, following the rape and assault of a jogger in New York City, Trump called for the death penalty for five black teenagers known as the Central Park Five.[1] They were later released from prison after being found innocent - Trump has not apologised. He is a vocal supporter of the death penalty, and has praised authorities in China, Singapore and the Philippines for executing drug dealers.[2] In office, Trump has carried out more federal executions in 2020 than in the last 57 years combined.[3] The case of the Central Park Five demonstrates that expanding the death penalty would lead to the wrongful killing of innocent individuals, which is exactly what criminal justice systems should prevent from happening. Joe Biden wants to end the death penalty, and would manage the US criminal justice system responsibly.

Counter arguments

The death penalty is an effective deterrent against committing the most abhorrent crimes. It is important to trust that the criminal justice system will arrive at the correct verdict.



Rejecting the premises


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