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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for criminal justice?
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Donald Trump will restore law and order

Trump strongly supports the police, and will bring an end to the violence breaking out in American cities. His tough-on-crime approach will bring down crime rates.
Donald Trump

The Argument

In response to the wave of riots and protests across the US in 2020, Donald Trump has shown himself to be the candidate of law and order. He is willing to use federal law enforcement officials and military equipment to control the unrest in many US cities.[1] Trump has taken swift action against looting, arson and violence against police officers, offering federal assistance to local authorities.[2] Trump celebrates law enforcement officers, and has increased funding for officer safety measures such as bulletproof vests.[3] He has also encouraged the use of greater force by law enforcement officers against left-wing lawlessness. In response to the chaotic violence in recent months, only strong law enforcement can restore law and order, and only Trump is prepared to support law enforcement in controlling the unrest.

Counter arguments

Trump has used police and military force against a wave of unrest that grew as a result of police brutality and racial oppression. Trump does not understand the reasons why discontent is so intense, and the aggressive tactics employed by law enforcement will only exacerbate problems and heighten tensions. Trump's 'law and order' response to the unrest suggests he views American citizens as things to be controlled rather than citizens to protect and serve.



Rejecting the premises


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