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What are the pros and cons of vegetarianism?
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Eating meat is immoral

Animals are sentient beings who have feelings and can experience pain. Therefore, killing them and using them for food is immoral.

The Argument

Animals are intelligent, sentient beings who can feel pain and suffering. Regardless of whether these animals are raised in cramped living spaces in factory farms or raised in larger ranges, they will end up killed as a result of our need for meat and will therefore go through suffering and pain. Although other animals eat meat as well, we humans are "capable of making choices based on ethics." We have a moral obligation to reduce the suffering and pain in this world as much as possible, and we can do that by not killing animals and eating meat.

Counter arguments



[P1] As human beings, we have a moral obligation to reduce the pain and suffering inflicted upon others, and so we should not kill or harm animals for meat.

Rejecting the premises


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