What are the pros and cons of vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism has been adopted by different people and cultures since the beginning of human history. However, up until recently, vegetarianism has primarily been a lifestyle resulting from religion or distaste towards meat. With the rise of interest in a vegetarian lifestyle, what are the pros and cons of vegetarianism?

Pros of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism promotes both personal wellbeing and environmental conservation.

Vegetarianism reduces carbon emissions

Vegetarianism leaves a smaller carbon footprint as compared to meat-based diets.

Vegetarianism reduces risk for disease

Vegetarianism has been shown to reduce risk for a litany of diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and Type II diabetes.

Vegetarianism helps stop animal cruelty

Many livestock raised for slaughter or products are maltreated and abused from the moment they're born to death. To eat meat would be to support these cruel practices.

Humans aren't meant to eat meat

Humans aren't evolutionarily adapted to eat meat, which has never been our natural diet.

Eating meat is immoral

Animals are sentient beings who have feelings and can experience pain. Therefore, killing them and using them for food is immoral.

Cons of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism can result in nutritional deficiencies and doesn’t promote environmental conservation.

A diet that lacks meat also lacks important nutrients

Meat is on the food pyramid for a reason, and without meat in the diet, important nutrients essential to development and health aren't absorbed.

Vegetarianism can have a large carbon footprint

A vegetarian diet can harm the environment due to eating fruits/vegetables that are imported because they aren't locally in season.

Vegetarianism hurts and damages regional diets

Many of the foods that are popular among vegetarians are exotic and imported, leaving the people that the food is indigenous to without the staples that they need.
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