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What does Eminem's popularity say about racism in the US?
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Most of Eminem's listeners are white suburban teenagers

Most of Eminem's listeners are white. This may suggest that Eminem's rap is more palatable to white listeners and they feel more comfortable with it than black rap artists. White listeners may connect with Eminem more since they cannot relate to many of the challenges black rappers often write about.

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White suburban teenagers are more likely to identify with Eminem due to their shared race; he is able to utilize his whiteness to successfully market to this demographic[1]. He leaves frequent reminders of his race within his song lyrics and portrays himself as the ‘underdog’ who had to work hard to earn respect in a predominantly African American genre. Eminem is aware of his appeal to a young white audience, and mentions it explicitly in his song “White America”: “Let’s do the math, if I was black, I would’ve sold half”, he raps. In a later verse, he states that “the problem is, I speak to suburban kids / who otherwise woulda never knew these words exist.”[2] Racial identity is also a reason why African American hip-hop fans may be less inclined to listen to Eminem, thus decreasing the diversity of his listening demographic. Due to hip-hop music being deeply intertwined with African American culture, a white artist who breaks into the scene - even if they do attempt to fit in more by adopting hip-hop fashion or using AAVE - may be viewed as inauthentic[1]. Eminem also most likely has a higher proportion of white listeners because of the extent to which his music receives mainstream attention. As opposed to remaining underground, the rapper catapulted to fame and became a pop culture icon; the television programs and radio stations that he was often featured on (such as MTV) played an amalgamation of musical genres that attracted a wide variety of listeners.

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