What does Eminem's popularity say about racism in the US?

Eminem has cultivated and earned a reputation for his controversial lyrics. They have been called out for being sexist, violent, homophobic and racist. However, he remains an extremely popular artist. Why is Eminem's racism given a 'pass' by his listeners? And how does this relate to societal attitudes to racism?

White people like political rap when its done by white people

As long as the status quo isn't challenged too much then political rap is A okay

Most of Eminem's listeners are white suburban teenagers

Most of Eminem's listeners are white. This may suggest that Eminem's rap is more palatable to white listeners and they feel more comfortable with it than black rap artists. White listeners may connect with Eminem more since they cannot relate to many of the challenges black rappers often write about.

Americans will let white people get away with more

Eminem targets women in many tracks

Many of Eminem's tracks are verbally aggressive and violent-targeted at women who have angered him. Many people believe black men would have a harder time getting away with this.

Eminem is a product of institutional racism

A lot of Eminem's lyrics are racist.

Eminem's lyrics disrespect black women

Eminem has apologized for lyrics which target and negatively stereotype black women. However, many critiques still hold that his songs disrespect black women in particular.

Eminem is a scapegoat for societal racism

Racism has been part of American society since long before Eminem was born. He is an easy scapegoat because his music is offensive.
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