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What are the advantages and disadvantages of year round school?
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Financial costs for school upkeep and staff increase

If schools are open year round, the cost to maintain the school increases. The salaries of teachers would also go up. These financial increases could cause strain on the local or regional governments or raise taxes.
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The Argument

Year round schooling causes an increase in costs to maintain the school. These costs include heating, air conditioning, food, lighting, and other technical and supply services. These finances would come from local taxpayers or government funding. These costs average an increase of about 10%.[1] The teachers would also have to be paid to supplement the extra time and supplies. This salary would increase significantly. Currently, a large reason why a teacher's salary is relatively low is because of the very long break during the summer in the traditional learning system. [2] This pay increase would also come with tax increases and channeling of money from other resources into paying teacher salaries. This could create costly programs down the line for the local and regional community. Year round schooling creates financial issues that are not worth it in the long run.

Counter arguments

The financial implications of year round schooling would be well worth it. Future generations would be far better off and much more knowledgeable. They would also have more firm and studious work ethics that would apply to the job market. There are plenty of education grants that the money could come from. There are also resources that the government can easily pull money from to support education with little to no impact on the resource as a whole. Teachers deserve to get paid more for the work that they do. Year round education systems would give them a much-needed salary raise and the ability to gain better socio-economic status. [3]



Rejecting the premises


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