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What are the most successful social media "quarantine challenges"?
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The Flip the Switch Challenge

Friends pair up to swap costumes, clothes, uniforms and beauty looks at the same time.
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The Argument

To complete the “Flip the Switch Challenge,” two people must stand in front of a mirror, with the person who is closer to the mirror recording a video of the two of them on their phone. The person standing close to the mirror stands still, while the person slightly further away dances. The song “Nonstop” by Drake plays throughout the video and at the lyric “Look, I just flipped a switch,” the people turn the light switch off, swap outfits and positions, and then turn the lights back on. The video is generally just fifteen seconds long. [1] Many of these videos have unexpected twists, such as a girl who switches clothes and dances with her grandmother or two roommates who are interrupted by a third person who they also switch clothes with. Most of these videos are funny, but some of the ones that feature family members having fun together are pretty heartfelt too. This challenge is accessible to basically anyone, as there is no set specific dance or other physical aspect of this challenge. The challenge also doesn’t require that the participants put a lot of time and effort into it, as they only really need to decide how they will be dancing and what they will be wearing. The Flip and Switch Challenge is much less physically, creatively, and intellectually demanding than many other social media challenges. Additionally, whole families can get involved in this challenge, which sets it apart from other more provocative challenges. The accessibility of this challenge has made it highly successful. This challenge began on TikTok, and has since spread to many other social media apps. The Flip the Switch challenge has gained attention on websites such as Billboard, Elle, Time, Refinery29, CNN, Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, and Cosmopolitan. This challenge has also attracted a variety of celebrities and other popular figures, possibly the most of any social media challenge yet. Some famous figures who participated in this challenge are Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Warren, Drake, Gordon Ramsey, Mariah Carey, Emily Ratajkowski, Ryan Seacrest, and the cast of Hamilton, the Broadway musical. The great amount of celebrity attention this challenge has gotten also makes it very successful. [2]

Counter arguments

This challenge isn't really a challenge at all. It's very easy to complete, as it literally only requires you to switch outfits with another person and dance a little. Other challenges are quite difficult, such as the Handstand T-Shirt Challenge. Completing challenges that actually require some skill or practice may lead to a greater level of satisfaction and pride for having accomplished a difficult task. Since it's so easy, this challenge can also be completed quickly and then be quickly forgotten about. More time-consuming challenges, like the Savage Challenge or the Don't Rush Challenge, are more likely to feel like an accomplishment once they are finished and are more likely to be memorable. The Savage Challenge requires lots of practice to learn a uniquely choreographed dance, and the Don't Rush Challenge requires one to coordinate with some of their friends to make a coherent, creative video. Challenges like these are more memorable and have greater longevity than the Flip the Switch Challenge. Therefore, if difficulty, memorability, and longevity of a challenge are relevant to its success, then this challenge is not the most successful.


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