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What are the most successful social media "quarantine challenges"?
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The Until Tomorrow Challenge

Users post an embarrassing photo of themselves, which will be deleted within 24 hours. The user must message anyone who likes the post, instructing them to post their own.
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The Argument

The “Until Tomorrow Challenge” involves posting an embarrassing photo of yourself with the caption reading “Until Tomorrow,” without any other text. They can’t provide any other explanation for why they posted the picture. For each person that likes that post, the person who posted the photo sends them a direct message telling them to post their own embarrassing photo and leave it up for at least 24 hours. The original poster can delete their embarrassing photo after 24 hours. This challenge has been taking place mostly on the social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. There were over two million posts under the hashtag #untiltomorrow on Instagram at its peak, making this a very popular challenge. Unfortunately, since most people delete their posts after 24 hours, that number has since gone down. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive origin of the “Until Tomorrow Challenge.” People began posting about the challenge around March, after quarantine had started. To amass over two million posts in this short period of time is quite impressive and a key aspect of this challenge’s success. This challenge has probably been successful since it’s very easy to complete and since it is accessible to basically anyone besides those who are too insecure to share embarrassing photos of themselves. [1] Though there hasn’t been any big celebrities participating in this challenge, perhaps its accessibility to any average person is part of what makes it so successful. You don’t need to be a creative or athletic person to complete this challenge, and completing the challenge requires very little time and effort. Additionally, it’s a fun way to see a different side of your friends and to show off a sense of humor to your social media following. Lastly, this challenge is light-hearted and widely appealing, unlike other challenges that align with certain fundraising groups or ideologies that may dissuade some people from participating.

Counter arguments

Other challenges have gotten lots of buzz with celebrities and news outlets. This has made other challenges massively popular, whereas this challenge hasn't gotten nearly as much public attention. Additionally, some other challenges have a meaningful message (such as raising awareness for a cause or celebrating diversity), which this challenge does not. This challenge also asks users to only participate for 24 hours and then delete their participation, which makes the challenge reach much less people than if the posts stayed up (though that would defeat the purpose of the challenge). For these reasons, this challenge is not as successful as other challenges.


Rejecting the premises


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