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Should healthcare be free?
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Free healthcare is unnecessary

Free healthcare isn't necessary when most people can already afford to pay for their healthcare.
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The government should not have to pay for services that people can afford to pay for themselves. The government’s publicly funded healthcare system should only be available to those who cannot afford it themselves.

The Argument

Many education ministries offer scholarships to students that cannot afford to pay university fees themselves. Those that can afford to pay the fees are not entitled to these forms of assistance. Why should healthcare be any different? Those that can afford to pay for their own healthcare should be made to do so. Free healthcare should only be made available to those that really need it and lack the resources to finance it themselves.

Counter arguments

Education is not a necessary precondition for survival. Good health is. The government should provide its citizens with the necessary resources for survival free of charge. They should provide access to clean water and air for free. They should also provide access to healthcare for free. Without our health, we cannot survive.


[P1] Governments should only provide services for free that citizens cannot afford to pay for themselves. [P2] Citizens can afford to pay for healthcare themselves. [P3] Therefore, governments should not provide those services for free.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Governments should provide services that protect our basic right to existence for free.


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