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Who is Greta Thunberg?
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Greta Thunberg is inspiring

Greta has an uncanny ability to inspire both children and adults alike.


Greta has managed to do what scientists have failed at for decades: inspire millions of people across the globe to take action against man-made climate change.

The Argument

Greta’s input into climate activism has been vast. She has personally inspired millions across the globe with her passion and determination. Her success has stemmed from her ability to simplify the movement and provide an outlet for activism energy that was previously lacking. The climate change movement has had no shortage of activists and supporters willing to turn out in support of renewable energy and green policies. However, before Greta, the movement, particularly among young people, was fragmented and lacked focus. Teens wanted to get involved but they had no obvious action through which they could channel their energy and passion. Her school strike provided the outlet they were craving. It was a simple, yet effective, gesture to show their commitment to the cause.[1] Greta's activism has had a tangible effect on the habits of the public in her native Sweden. A genuine shame of flying is emerging. Named "flygskam", Swedes are shunning the carbon-intensive mode of transport in favour of cleaner forms of travel, like trains. The hashtag #IStayOnTheGround has been trending across Twitter. [2]

Counter arguments



[P1] Greta is inspiring youth to get involved and take action to stop climate change. [P2] This makes her a strong force for political and social change.

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