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What are the pros and cons of The Green New Deal?
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The Green New Deal will grow the United States' economy

Estimates suggest that the Green New Deal will create over two million net new jobs in the energy sector. These new jobs come largely from the energy sector. When more Americans are employed, they tend to spend their money, which boosts the economy.
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The Argument

The proposals in the Green New Deal would massively expand the economy of the United States. The transition from a reliance on fossil fuels toward clean energy – including capturing carbon and methane emission to reuse for other purposes – would net an estimated two million jobs in the United States.[1] Currently, there are over ten million Americans with renewable energy jobs, and the industry adds half a million new ones annually. This is a growing sector of the economy that can eventually replace and outperform the economic benefits of the fossil fuel industry for the American worker.[2] The Green New Deal wants to expand the renewable energy sector, push for more jobs with higher wages, ultimately benefiting the American people by expanding its economy. The Green New Deal would help the United States’ economy.

Counter arguments

Eliminating America’s use of fossil fuels will kill jobs and hurt the American worker. In the state of Pennsylvania alone, the proposals in the Green New Deal would result in an estimated job loss that would exceed three hundred thousand, and utility bills would increase over three hundred dollars per family each month. Additionally, the investment in the Green New Deal would cost the federal government approximately 16.3 trillion dollars – moving the country deeper and deeper into the deficit.[3] The Green New Deal hurts the American economy.



Rejecting the premises


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