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Should homework be banned?
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Homework ensures students are practicing the material outside of class

Repeating information is one of the best ways to learn. Students going home and reviewing their in-class material ensures that they will not lose all of the information they just learned.

The Argument

Repetition helps with memorization and practice. For instance, languages would be nearly impossible to learn without homework because languages must be constantly practiced in order to maintain. Other skills, like math, require practice with different problem sets to ensure students understand the concepts outside of a controlled environment.[1] So long as the amount of work is not unreasonable, homework should not be banned. Students need homework to practice the skills they learn in class, and they should be able to consult with a teacher on what they learned or struggled with.[2]

Counter arguments

Many classes are not ones where repetition is a useful skill, and homework in those cases should be adjusted accordingly or eliminated.



Rejecting the premises


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