Should homework be banned?

There has been a recent surge in the discussion around productive study habits for students. Is homework productive and useful, or is it merely an added stress?

Yes, homework should be banned

Homework only serves to stress out students and shows that the educational system is flawed, as relevant material is being saved for after-class hours, and students are expected to learn material without teachers.

Homework puts an undue amount of stress on students

Students are experiencing higher-than-ever levels of stress due to unprecedented amounts of homework. This can impact a child's attitude towards schooling and education overall.

Classes should not necessitate homework in order to impart relevant information

If information is not being taught in class, then teachers are not helping students receive that information in the best way possible. Teachers are trained to deliver information effectively, and many students don't have the skills to teach or review themselves. Inversely, instead of new material, class becomes focused on homework itself.

No, homework should not be banned

Homework is designed by teachers to reinforce concepts taught in class. Homework may need to be adjusted to account for a student's individual circumstances or the class dynamic, but removing homework also removes extra opportunities for students.

Homework ensures students are practicing the material outside of class

Repeating information is one of the best ways to learn. Students going home and reviewing their in-class material ensures that they will not lose all of the information they just learned.

Homework is a way to encourage both student and parent participation

Students learn in a myriad of ways, and many use homework to prove their participation instead of in-person commentary. Restricting all children to the singular form of in-class contributions can alienate many. Parents, too, can use this time to participate in their child's education.
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