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Should Hunter Biden’s actions compromise Joe Biden’s presidential campaign?
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Hunter Biden's actions are entirely independent of Joe Biden

Even if Hunter's behavior was wrong, voters don't really care about how that would impact a Biden presidency.
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"Conservatives are rightly outraged by Twitter’s efforts to suppress the New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s alleged emails, and the mainstream media’s failure to take the story seriously. Republicans in Congress are right to investigate. And the Republican National Committee is right to file a complaint against Twitter with the Federal Election Commission for censoring the story. But here is what President Trump needs to understand: This election is not going to turn on Hunter Biden. While the story might energize the president’s base, it won’t help him win over voters who are not already supporting his reelection. Americans already know that Hunter Biden was flying around the world cashing in on his father’s name and public office, and that Joe Biden allowed him to do so. How they feel about that is already baked into their votes. Right now, in the midst of a pandemic-induced recession, they care more about their own families than Joe Biden’s family."[1]

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