Should Hunter Biden’s actions compromise Joe Biden’s presidential campaign?

Recently, the FBI subpoenaed Hunter Biden's laptop due to suspicion of money laundering activity on his part. How severe is this scandal? Should Hunter Biden's proximity to presidential candidate Joe Biden be enough to sacrifice him the election?

Yes, Hunter Biden's actions reflect directly on the Joe Biden presidential campaign

Hunter Biden's relationships with Ukraine sacrifice national integrity

Biden sits on the board of a major Ukrainian company, which could compromise sensitive information.

Email scandals have cost previous presidential campaigns

Some argue that Hillary Clinton's emails lost her the 2016 Presidential election.

Hunter Biden serves as a conflict of interest with foreign dealings

Joe Biden might make decisions in Hunter's interests to profit as a family as opposed to what's best for America.

No, Hunter Biden's actions should not impact Biden's presidential campaign

The money laundering accusations are still only accusations, not facts

The FBI has not released any documents confirming illicit behavior on the part of Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden's actions are entirely independent of Joe Biden

Even if Hunter's behavior was wrong, voters don't really care about how that would impact a Biden presidency.

Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukraine and China were based on international precedent, not personal interest

Joe Biden has previously dealt with Ukraine in a manner consistent with American and international policy, not because it would benefit Hunter.

The accusations are potentially election-meddling on the part of Russian intelligence agents

Rudy Giuliani, who has accused Hunter Biden of inappropriate financial behavior, has also recently been in contact with Russian agents, who could potentially be trying to sabotage the election.
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