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Are millennials lazy?
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“Can I leave early on Friday afternoons to go to Yoga?”

Millennials won't work long hours. They are the last ones to the office and the first ones to leave.
Discriminatory Misleading


A recent survey from Deloitte found that Millennials aren’t willing to work longer hours and place a higher importance on “work-life balance” than career progression.[1]

The Argument

Millennials talk about wanting to “make a difference” but most are unwilling to put in the hours in to do so. An investment banker recruiter lamented upon actually hearing the words, “can I leave early on Friday afternoons to go to Yoga?” from a potential applicant, before they had even got the job.[2] Just 47% of Millennials say they would be willing to work uncompensated overtime, compared to 59% of Baby Boomers. This sums up the Millennial work ethic. They work fewer hours and aren’t willing to put the time in at the office any more.[3]

Counter arguments

Millennials don’t subscribe to “its always been done that way” so that’s how it should be done. They demand more efficient ways of completing tasks. They embrace technology and shortcuts that increase productivity and make work more efficient. Many millennials achieve more with less time than many baby boomers that work longer hours. Millennials aren't being lazy, they are more productive and great at maximising results with fewer resources. Baby Boomers don’t see the true story. For them, work means putting in the time at the office. For Millennials, it means checking emails on weekends, firing off messages during the morning commute, and answering emails while in the gym. Millennials never truly get a break in this digital age.[4] Millennials don’t ‘go to work’ they just ‘work’. Because technology is so entrenched in their home lives as well as their work lives, they don’t have such a rigorous divide between the two.[5] Just because Millennials aren’t physically in the office doesn’t make them lazy. They are workaholics everywhere and all the time.



[P1] Millennials work fewer hours than other generations. [P2] This is because millennials are lazy.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] It isn't because millennials are lazy, its because they are more productive and do more work outside the office.


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