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Can someone be transracial?
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Identifying as transracial is a form of cultural appropriation

Identifying as a different race other than your own is cultural appropriation.

The Argument

When white people come out as transracial and wish to be identified as a minority race, they are using a form of cultural appropriation. It is extremely easy for white people to appear to have darker skin with the use of makeup, tanning products, and photoshop to seem like another race. Yet, people of color are not able to identify as a transracial white person. This proves that being transracial is not a real identity because not everyone is able to identify and transition to the race they wish.[1] Many minority groups have gone through extensive suffering throughout history due to European and American colonialism. It is inappropriate to identify with a race when that person has not suffered any hardships. People who identify as transracial are only concerned about how they appear to others, not the background and history of the race they are transitioning to.[2]

Counter arguments

Transracial individuals are able to learn and care for the culture and history of the race they transition to. In the United States, a man who was born white now identifies as Filipino.[3] He has grown up knowing Filippino culture and continues to submerge himself in the culture as much as possible. People come out as transracial because they feel most comfortable with that race and culture, not because they wish to change their physical appearance.



[P1] Transracialism is a form of cultural appropriation. [P2] Transracial people do not experience the same hardships that people born of that race do. [P3] Therefore, transracialism should be rejected because of cultural appropriation.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Transracial people have the capability of learning about the race they transitioned to.


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