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Can someone be transracial?
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People are allowed to identify with racial groups other than the ones assigned to them

Individuals have the freedom to express themselves however they wish.

The Argument

Transracial individuals make their newly identified race the main part of their daily life and concept of self. Their identity is valid and should be more widely accepted because those individuals struggle with their self-perception.[1] People have the ability to identify with that race they choose, and most transracial individuals transition in order to feel more like themselves. Transracial people have an extensive knowledge of the race they identify as, and practice cultural traditions to gain more knowledge. Individuals can identify with other racial and ethnic groups than their own.

Counter arguments

Identifying as another race is a form of cultural appropriation. Transracial people take the best aspects of a minority culture but ignore the history of hate crime, discrimination, and violence. Identifying as a minority race as a white person ignores the hardships that racial group has experienced.



[P1] Transracial people incorporate their identified race into their lives. [P2] Transracial people transition races in order to feel more comfortable and happy. [P3] Therefore, people are able to identify with other racial groups outside of their own.

Rejecting the premises


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